Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vacation, Day 52, and a bit of a rant

I had a busy 2 weeks, and a startling doctor visit.  Don't worry, I am not dying but I will get to that in a bit. This will probably be a long post. Let's start off with my attempt at a healthy vacation.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 35

It's been 35 days since I've had cheese.  It's been 35 days since I had any type of pig.  To say my junk food cravings are gone is a joke.  In fact this week was the worst week I've had in the "I need a son of baconator!  No! I need some super gross Taco Bell nachos and a quesadilla!  No wait! I got it, queso...melty gooey cheesy cheese dip from any mexican joint.  I will have you know, I almost failed myself twice this week.  Once, I took Goose to the airport for one of his work trips, and I thought "ooh breakfast, I can get some and no one will know..."  I almost stopped twice.  Almost.  Then I found myself driving right past it all and the next thing I knew I was in my driveway.  The next time, I was at Dierbergs, and I picked up a sammich with extra cheese and put it in my cart.  I felt so guilty that I didn't even make it out of the aisle before putting it all back.

I did find a 98% safe remedy for chips and salsa.  Expensive salsa made without weird junk, (and why should it have weird junk in it?) and Beanitos chips.  Granted, that's still a "rare treat" because beans.  But it's better than tortilla chips which I cannot have...because corn.  You can bet your bippy when tomato season comes back, I will be making salsa for myself.  Also hummus is a good alternative, with some broccoli and carrots.  The other day, Goose told me he liked raw carrots better than cooked.  I pondered it for half a second and said "I am an equal opportunist carrot consumer.  I love them any way I can eat them."   It's been a busy day and I've not had much other than an apple and a little bit of turkey stir fry from my leftovers container.  Can you tell?

I didn't write this on Friday because I came home from the doc with my Adrenal Stress Test to do, and wanted to include that.  So here's my update from Friday:  Things are going super swell, and I don't need to come back for another two weeks since we are out of the crucial stage.  That said, Healer did the DNA damage testing on me and I have brain damage!!! Whee!   Well, no for real...due to the viruses hanging out in my brains, the DNA is damaged in there.  Also some DNA damage in my lungs, DUH and my gallbladder, and another organ I have since forgotten.  Just like when he reset my dopamine levels and voodoo'd my intestines, he did the same thing.  Okay, they call it integrating, but thanks to Goose that just sounds all Math-y to me.  But that's what he did to all my DNA damage.  He reset it with his magical Healer powers.  I have to believe it now, he's proven me otherwise several times with this "reset button".
At least I don't need resetting every 108 minutes.
I am to continue taking all the things until next time.  I did run out of the ACS silver, but since my lung fungus is gone I don't need it unless I chose to have it as a maintenance dosage.  Since my Tri-guard has silver in it already, I opted out of it this time.  My liver cleanse drink, Protoclear, will be gone I think by Friday and that's it with my liver cleanse.  Healer sent me home with a mega strong probiotic, in fact it's so strong I only have to take one pill a month.  Every seven days it regenerates all its probiotic friends to do their magic to my flora in my gut and its one less thing a day I have to deal with.  I talked to him about my oil pulling concerns, since coconut is a no-no for my blood type (I'm still dubious on that, since coconut is everyone's best friend, but that's for another day).  Since I'm already taking the zeolite, right now oil pulling isn't a concern for me.  Otherwise, I can use sesame oil as I suspected.  But because I want to get on top of my tooth game, I took home curcumin because its the best ever and that's all that matters.  Hahah! No no, I kid.  That's for another post.  All that is important now, is that its AMAZING for the body, and swishing with it in your mouth kills all that nasty bacteria you wanna get rid of.

Onto the Adrenal Stress Test.  It's pretty easy, you wake up and follow the directions.  Four times a day you must wear a cotton ball in your mouth til is soaked and place it lovingly in a vial marked "morning, noon, afternoon, midnight" respectively.  For the noon test though I had to do a carb simulation test and eat 75 grams of carbs an hour before drooling on the cotton.  They have a list so that's helpful and I chose the highest carb items because well I didn't want to be eating all day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Super Easy Dinner

Okay, so with this new lifestyle food plan one might think it would be impossible to have variety in my daily meals.  Not so much the case.  True, I am limited by having to omit some of my regulars (here's looking at you, black pepper) but I'm not even missing it so far.  Even though I can live off a salad every day, and I still like to try, I like to tinker around with stuff.  I haven't really talked about what goes into our food planning, and I think I should.  It's not much different than the paleo life we have been used to for over a year.

Of course, I have to shop weekly or a little less because I solely buy produce and we all know that doesn't keep so well.  It makes shopping simple.  I often get confused in the store when I need something that's not in the produce section, like maple  syrup.  One day Goose and I walked up and down the store twice looking for bottled water.  It's with the pop btw which is STUPID.  So honestly, I only know what's in my produce section and the two aisles dedicated to "organic/GF/etc".  Oh, and I know the wine aisle but that's not relevant right now.

Since it's just me for breakfast/lunch I tend to be pretty boring.  Like today, I had 1/2 a burger patty from this weekend I made up, topped it with a fried egg and onions and ate a small kale salad on the side.  Later on I grabbed an apple.  I also might have had a spoonful or two of almond butter...with a dab of chocolate in it.  Don't judge, I needed a sweet.

I'm really lucky Goose loves the grill and the smoker.  Seems like every other weekend we are replenishing our smoked meat stock.  It makes lunches and dinner portions easy because I don't have to cook AS much at dinner unless I plan on the leftovers for breakfast or lunch for myself.

I guess I should include a rough description of the lunches I send with Goose to work.  While he's not on this wellness plan with me, he's doing the Blood Type Diet Lifestyle as well, albeit with cheats.  I do not cheat, I have invested too much money to do that.  But alas, since he's not following my path to a T, he's allowed to sneak some goodies here and there.  With that said, he still would much rather not eat fast food every day.

His lunch usually goes like this:

  • a nice portion of smoked meat (fish or chicken) or some leftover from dinner  
  • sauteed broccoli or asparagus
  • another veggie like sweet potato, raw carrots or even some rice.
  • a hard boiled egg, 1/2 avocado if we have it
  • green onions and his beloved kimchi (Don't forget the kimchi, or I'm going to hear about it after work!  :D ).
  • a fruit for snack

At work, Goose keeps a jar of almonds.  So it's not difficult to stick to this style with some REALLY simple planning ahead.  I'm not a menu planner by any means, and I manage to do okay.

A couple weeks ago, we checked out some spice shops downtown in search of some spices that don't have all that extra junk in them like at the store.  I found a salt grinder there, and picked up some roasted chicken spices that were acceptable for even me to eat.  Do you know how hard it is to find pre-made spices that don't have black pepper?

4 chicken thighs
1 sweet potato, cubed
2 C kale, stems removed
1/2 onion, thinly sliced
1/4 C of spices of your choice

I tossed 4 thighs (I probably only needed to do 3 but I did an extra one for my lunch) in EVOO and the spices and then roasted them in the oven at 400 for maybe 25 minutes.  I didn't pay that close attention because I used  my thermometer to pull them out at 160 degrees.  While that was roasting I sauteed the sweet potatoes until they were soft and starting to brown.  Once I removed the sweet potatoes from the pan, and right away added the kale and onions and tossed them,  Once the kale started to wilt (it won't wilt much because kale is a super food and it's super strong!) I put the sweet potatoes back in and gave it a stir and  topped that with my finished chicken


Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 28

I'm still working on my health...told you this wouldn't be a quick fix.  Good news to report, all the pathogens/viruses/bacteria detected in Day 1's test is cleared from my body!  Now to focus on Phase II of this detox.  Everything was gone last week except for the virus, and that's finally gone.  Good.  Get outta here!  I didn't want you in my brains anyway!

Today I did the NeuroLink testing for toxins and metals in my body, and boy do I have some doozies!  No surprise here, considering the country we live in, and its love for crap food.  Last week he had sent me home with some Zeolite(ACZ) to draw out the heavy metals I have in my system.  Those include: PCB's, fluoride, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead, and *drumroll* pesticides!  Thanks SAD.  You've really done your job at attempting to ruin my life.  Sucks for you, I'm fighting back!

I've been dealing with some intestinal issues that I'm not sure I really want to get into detail over on a blog, but it's an issue that Healer is working on with me.  Last week I brought it up to him, and I got some decent results this week.  It's still not functioning normally like it should be because of some chemical imbalances but...hey, did you know your intestines have these valves called "The Valve of Houston" and the "Ileocecal Valve"?  I would like to quote the Goose when I first mentioned that these valves are out of whack "Houston, we have a problem."  Hahah!  So today, the Healer adjusted me (it was GLORIOUS) stating that my L5 was out of alignment, and that actually effects the intestines position so this should also help.

I've been a wee bit run down this week, or it's lack of motivation maybe.  I wasn't sure but I made sure to tell the Healer anyway because I didn't want to have any emotional issues again because that first week was so awful!  I also wondered if it had something to do with adding the ACZ and the ACG (Glutothione) to my routine as well.  New helpers to attack the bad guys, maybe I reacted by being tired-ish.  Anyway I let him know, I didn't feel I was remotely where I thought I should be as far as the weight loss slump I'm in.  I told the Healer, I was realistic that it wouldn't just start dropping during Phase I because my liver had to straighten itself out, but given that I've been incredibly strict on my diet (not a single cheat day like we used to) I would have expected to see SOMETHING change.  Healer told me "this tells me then that the Adrenals and Thyroid are most likely really off balance and we need to work on getting those fixed."  Of course, I am also aware that my intestines need to get fixed too and I should start seeing results.  But c'mon, I'm a month into this now and I just thought I would see SOME change.  I'm being patient, because as I pointed out there's still toxins/metals in me that need to GO AWAY.

Only because they didn't have one in stock in the office, did I not go home with a super cool Adrenal test kit.  So next week I will be taking a test kit home to send off my spit to some lab who will tell the Healer what's up with my Adrenal Glands.  Next week will also be fun because he wants to test how badly my DNA has been damaged and work on reversing said damage.  I'm gonna guess lots, thanks virus!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 21!

Well I made great strides!  I am officially now in Phase II but let me start from the beginning.

Today's appointment was seemingly normal, with the regular NeuroLink checkup.  This week however, the Healer says my virus is completely superficial and nearly gone.  Also, the fungus in my lungs appears to be CLEAR!  Wha?  I just thought I felt the same all week.  I didn't feel any different from last week, but apparently the medicine is doing its job!  I never thought it would be clear so soon.  Since the fungus is out of my lungs, I can stop the Silver as a breathing treatment and continue with it orally as normal.  I can't say I feel different, like I said.  So I am still slightly skeptical.  But as I said last week, I am noticing more dry coughs than I'm used to.  So it's something.  I don't expect to be completely cleared up in a snap though.  

So, to recap: No more bacteria, no more fungus, and practically no more virus!   This isn't to say that when these pathogens leave my body we might find more.  It's very possible.  But at this point the ones I am treating are getting out of here!  I am having some issues in my intestines (remember how he picked up a little virus last week) that he did his fun Voodoo on, so we shall see if that fixes itself.

Since things are going so well, the Healer started me on the detox portion.  This includes two more sprays to take: ACG which is Glutathione.  Its the natural antioxidant in your body that's been utterly depleted thanks to the modern living and crap we put in our bodies.  It gets so overworked that it kinda gives up in your system.  So I am now taking that 4 times a day.  One time a day I am going to try to nebulize it to get it into my lungs, so long as I don't have a weird reaction.  We shall see!  The other spray I am taking is ACZ, Zeolite.  It will bind to all the heavy metals in my body and pull them out through the urine.  I am curious to see if this changes my body like when I first started on these medications.

Now I am taking 10 different things 2, 3, and 4 times a day! WHEE!  No time to do much else but take these fun things!

The outside air has been beautiful this week, I was loving the walks I could take.  Well, except for the fact that I'm not used to all these hills and my hip sockets were mad at me the next day!  NO MOAR COLD!

Movin' on up!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14

My growing supplement stack.  Pool sign not included.

Big jumps today, says the Healer! WHEE!  This week was completely different from last week.  I had energy, enough that I actually worked out EVERY day this week instead of being lethargic and stuck on the couch last week, sobbing over every single thing.  I didn't go crazy, like I suspected.  I just felt back to seemingly normal.  I had a belly ache last night, but emotionally...nothing like last week.

I went into today with my Lung Folder to show him my findings.  He was not the least bit surprised.  It really validated what I am doing is right for me.  He explained that the docs needed to associate a name with what's going on with me.  I am starting to wonder if I even have Bronchiectasis....let's wait and see.

He went on to retest me, and he was SO happy that my virus is now out of the DNA and on its way out of my body.  This is a big deal!  The sooner I can rid the virus from my body the sooner I can detox.  The fungus is now only located in my lower lungs,which makes sense because of my x-rays that is the main concentration of my illness .  I had noted that the last couple of days, I am coughing more dry coughs (that's a normal cough to most everyone) than I usually do.  Normally for me, when I am dry coughing it's SO rare that it is painful for my throat.  Not to say, I'm having less "normal Bri coughs" ...just more "normal human being coughs".  So let's hope that this fungus GETS OUTTA MY LUNGS!  The bacteria I had is gone. GONE I SAY! Whee! So I am right on track still.  He did find a bit of a virus in my gut which was probably my gut issues last night.

Did I say the bacteria is GONE?!?!  In two weeks, I've healed myself of the bacteria, and the other stuff is working its way out.  Why have I not done this sooner?  Why is this "alternative medicine" now and not "normal medicine"?  Why isn't this a normal practice anymore?  Why are people so swayed by the Western Medicine practices?  Why take the quick fix that only allows more problems to arise?  Chemo? No, I'll never.  Especially not now.  Sorry, but I'm taking this route forever.  Western Medicine can suck it.

I could tell the Healer was checking my dopamine levels to see if I was off balance.  Side note, a couple days ago I dared to read an article about a poor dog that is probably going to die from a tumor, and I only got misty eyed and did not bawl.  Anything dog related, if a dog is hurting, I usually cannot read or watch or see photos because I have such a reaction to them.  Maybe because I knew there was a good ending to the story...maybe it was because my dopamine levels were fixed.  I still got mildly (but normally) emotional, but it was so minute on the scale of last week I can't even count it.  Anyway, the Healer was checking my levels and I KNEW I passed that test! I didn't even study for it!

He added two more supplements to my routine, and I had to make out a new chart.  I am taking all the things, plus a probiotic and some blended essential fatty acids.  It's probably good for me because I don't eat enough sea food as I should.  I can't wait to see what next week has in store for me!

Friday, February 7, 2014

lookit this discovery!

You guys, I just found something that blew my mind.  Remember me saying there is a fungus in my lungs and the Healer is treating it with ACS Silver?  Remember how the post I made just a few hours ago said the fungus was healing and in less places?  Well, I was perusing through our file cabinet looking for additional tax info for our appointment tomorrow, when I came across my old lung files.  I have a copy of them because someone might need to know.  I thought, "oh cool I should take this with me next week to show him, he may want copies."  I decided to leaf through it just for fun when I came across this page here: