Sunday, May 6, 2012


We went to the market yesterday.  I didn't take photos because one of the tiny humans had an emergency allergy issue and used my curtains as a snot rag/food napkin the other day and my pretty backdrop is currently in the dryer.  Gotta love washable things.  I don't think I ever want fancy enough curtains that I can't just toss in the washer.  I like to be lazy.  Trust me though, I got a lot of green!  Two bags of lettuce, honey (as if Goose needed a fourth jar of honey!), green onions, one tomato (yes one.  Skeptical Goose didn't know if he'd like greenhouse grown maters) and bison rib eye steaks.  I then took him right over to my latest find, Nature Girls.  It's a small local health foods store.  Not like Whole Foods, but good enough for us not lucky enough to be near one or Trader Joe's.  I had wanted Goose to check out the meat prices because I mostly suck at it.  There, we ended up with some kale, shitake mushrooms, cheese, and the little gem I found, Frozen Kefir.  Several times I heard him say "ooooh we need to come back for THAT!" I was too busy trying to show him all the things, and he was just focused on the mushrooms and tomatoes and safflower oil.

We were actually out shopping for an HDMI cable if you can believe that but I am good at saying, "oh we just should stop here since it's on the way", and before you know it I have drug  you all over the place shopping for things you didn't have on your list.  *points to self* IMPULSE BUYER!  Since he had to see if there was such a cable at Walmart, I ended up with an okay batch of asparagus too.  By the end of it all, we had to go to three different stores for the HDMI cable, and Goose wildly proclaimed that we were going all over the place back and forth across town.  "Making a star all over the town of Rolla", he said.  Whatever. Quality time!

I got home and washed on bag of lettuce three times because it was DIIIIIRRRRRTAAAY!  By the time I got through washing lettuce, I had run out of containers to hold it.   I won't lie, I had three salads yesterday.  What?  I was trying to help clear out the fridge a little bit!  I wonder if the orcs in the basement think I am weird for my love of lettuces?  For dinner, Goose had some wild idea to go out in the woods and find some greenbriar since he'd heard of and tried it last week and said I would love it.  Sadly, he said it was gone or out of season or something.  We had roasted asparagus with shitake mushrooms, herbs, and Romano cheese.  No greenbriar.  I didn't even notice it was missing  mostly because I haven't had it yet.   We saved the bison steaks for today and lemme tell you...I am on board with any red meat that is lean and costs me only 200 calories for 4oz.  I won't tell you I had two salads today because you might already know that.

I tried my hand at Kale Chips yesterday.  Those are now gone as of today.  Um, YUM.  Tastes JUST like potato chips and I used my mister sprayer for the oil so I used less.  One calorie a spray people!  While I was sitting there munching on a handful of kale chips I wondered where I had seen the "If you are craving this, it means you are missing this" chart a while back and went looking for it.  Behold!  Pinterest just happened to have exactly what I was looking for.  *whispers* It's like it KNEW!  I thought I would share with you too, so if you are having some weird junk food craving but don't want to give in you have the healthy alternative to go to.  If you are counting calories, or watching the carbs and suddenly feel like you are going to die of you don't get a bag of Ruffles, don't freak out.  It doesn't mean you have to blow your good eating or have to do an extra hour of running to make up for the fact that you went and downed a bag of Ruffles.  Eat a piece of cheese instead. Now I know...sometimes all a girl wants is some chocolate and almonds are NOT gonna do it for you. Some times, you have to give in and that is very okay!   Sometimes, you just gotta give in to your cravings but at least now you can know why and if you are trying to stay on the right path, you know what alternatives to eat instead.

Ironically enough while writing this, Goose (who is not a girl) came barreling in here muttering something about ice cream.  I told him, "Oh that means you are lacking in either Chromium, Sulpher, Tryptophan, or Carbon Phosphorus and prolly just need to eat some cranberries or fresh fruit."  He then told me I was being silly, and by golly we are going to find some ice cream.  So I took him to Sonic, where I was a good kid and got unsweet tea while he got strawberry pineapple shake.  I guess there's fruit in it so he sorta made it count?  When he finished he said, "Oh that was maybe too much.  What a guilty pleasure."  I said, "tsk tsk tsk, shoulda had some legumes."

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