Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wanna know more?

I was perusing through my FB news feed, like I do all the time :D and I came across this link from   This little short e-read is a great book to check out if you're just curious about what the Paleo/Primal diet is.  It's pretty short and sweet, great for beginners to read.  I don't think I could explain it any better than this!  So, if you're wondering what foods you can or can't eat, you'll find out here.  It's amazing how I don't feel limited with foods, like other diets.  "Oh, I'm cutting back carbs and calories, I need to count them to make sure I don't go over!"  No more.  I don't even count calories or fats anymore!  I know everything I going into my body is REAL food and those fats and calories are good for me.  I am eating the way my body was intended to eat and I like how I feel because of it, plain and simple.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Back in the saddle. Again.

Man, things have been CRAY around here.  I have been so incredibly busy but now I am back and ready to blog!  It's been a very busy summer and my workouts and super clean eating all but halted.  Basically I failed my workout challenge I gave myself.  We were living back and forth between the old house and the hotel.  I did pretty well the first couple weeks at the hotel with the workouts, doing some swimming and taking advantage of the gym but then things got so hectic (and the chromebook broke down again, had to get it replaced) that I just had to stop.  Even though we had a kitchenette in the little hotel room, and we went to the farmers market on the regular, we still went out to eat a lot.  And we craved ice cream.  To say that I was knocked off my routine is an understatement.  Now that we are into our new house, and things have settled into a normal routine, I am jumping right back into our lifestyle.