Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Computers are trying to kill my workout plans.

PFFFFTT.  Oh, that wasn't me! That was the dog over there!
Last time I posted I was week three into my workout challenge.  So much has changed.  I managed to get to five weeks, but couldn't post about it and then all the things tried to die all at once.

My chromebook had issues.  I couldn't really do much from my phone.  Week four, I felt stronger.  I chose to change my light resistance band to the medium and I totally felt it in my CLX.  Then week five came around and it was HEAVY SETS (I guess I was on the right track) and less reps.  So hard and challenging, and I loved it.   Then, the server I was using for my workouts went kaput.  Like in a big way...I was so bummed.  BUT! Instead of giving up all together, I decided to do something else that didn't require a video player.

I started cross fit.  And because I'm a big weenus about cross fit in general (I've seen some of the hardcore videos) I chose to do a ten day kiddie cross fit...like, a 10 year old kid wrote it up.  I have no shame, I will start out on a kiddie level! :) It didn't require weights or equipment I didn't have or couldn't afford.  It required your shoes and your body.  Easy enough, I thought.  This kiddie cross fit is NO JOKE....I breezed (and when I say breezed, I mean panted and heaved and ho hummed right on past my physical limits--pushups I still hate you.) through that 10 days and then I was hooked.  Cross fit is now my BFF.  It just doesn't know it.

I immediately picked up after day 10, I was so excited I didn't take a rest day, and started the 30 day level 1 Cross Fit Challenge and for the fun of it, decided I also needed to do a 30 day squat challenge.  I am currently on day 26, with no giving up! Sure I have just really walked instead of run the miles but if I couldn't run a whole mile before hand, what makes you think I'm ready to do that yet!?!  The couch to 5k will be my May challenge, on top of these last few days.  I've also decided I need to do these squats with resistance bands when this month is over, and I will either re-do this 30 day or try out the Level Two...I haven't decided.  Either way, I am going ALL OUT.

P.S. It really helped to have my fren doing it alongside with me, even though she's a whole six hours away from each other and not really beside me...*shifty eyes* Whatever man, we get on the chatterbox and say "I DID THIS! DO YOU?"  "Oh not yet, wait let me bust out the workout now!"   "YEAH! YOU CAN DO IT!" and so on and so forth, but with a ton more humor because we are both hilarious and know it.