Monday, June 25, 2012

Cans, cans, cans!

Look at these beauties!

In the last couple weeks, I have spent some time watching food documentaries and sharing them with my family.  After watching, we are even more open to trying to shop solely from the Farmer's Market.  I hadn't been taking photos of all our shopping days because, how boring to see weekly pick-ups?  However, this Saturday's shopping extravaganza was the largest one yet!  We are trying  to avoid the store (Kroger, Country Mart) at all costs, though with certain things it's pretty impossible.  I don't think I can make rice paper and we aren't in big enough of a town where our market provides cheeses....yet.  I already make bread for Goose each week but wouldn't it be nice to buy local, instead of worrying that there's GMO's or corn by-product in it? Basically, if we can get it at the market or the Nature Girls store, then we are good.  Some of these things this week were purchased with intent to can and start stocking up our pantry.  I made an impulse buy this week and bought a bag of peaches.  I don't even eat peaches!