Monday, August 19, 2013

Back in the saddle. Again.

Man, things have been CRAY around here.  I have been so incredibly busy but now I am back and ready to blog!  It's been a very busy summer and my workouts and super clean eating all but halted.  Basically I failed my workout challenge I gave myself.  We were living back and forth between the old house and the hotel.  I did pretty well the first couple weeks at the hotel with the workouts, doing some swimming and taking advantage of the gym but then things got so hectic (and the chromebook broke down again, had to get it replaced) that I just had to stop.  Even though we had a kitchenette in the little hotel room, and we went to the farmers market on the regular, we still went out to eat a lot.  And we craved ice cream.  To say that I was knocked off my routine is an understatement.  Now that we are into our new house, and things have settled into a normal routine, I am jumping right back into our lifestyle.

Paleo Challenge starts again today, this time much easier since my pantry is already stocked and all the junk is gone.  Goose had a ton of success with it.  He lost almost 30 lbs just with changing his food diet.  I sure hate calling it a diet.  It's's OUR way of living.  So starting today we are back into our clean eats, crossfit, and following the strict food challenge for 30 days.  After that, we can be a bit more giving on our food stuffs, like potatoes, cheese, and the occasional rice, and sometimes treats.

I am going begin the Crossfit Challenge  again because I did so well last time.  I also will start up the 30 day squat challenge too.  You can google those exact words to find the photo with the challenge.  If summer comes back around, I am going to include pool workouts to my routine.  It's been COLD this August!  I also can't wait to check out my new neighborhood.  There seems to be a lot of people jogging or walking the main road out of my neighborhood, and it looks fun too! Lots of little hills and valleys.  Also, this new house keeps me moving too!  According to my fitbit, I am averaging 22-24 flights of stairs a day...whoa!

Time to get crackin'!

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