Friday, January 31, 2014


I am human and I have needs.  Before I start my new life tomorrow, I'm being honest.  We went to dinner at a Chinese buffet.  I wish I could say I enjoyed it more...the robust woman and friend with her in the booth next to me ruined my "last supper" experience.  They chose during their meal time to call up someone on speaker and then scream their life stories, full of expletive's (don't get me wrong, I like a good explicative or two myself, but in...public...REALLY?) about some hoochie that hooked up with some other hoochie's mama.   Sorry "ladies" but I'm trying to talk to my Goose about what happened to me earlier today which to me is more important than impressing some dude about how much you don't care...

 So there was a lot of "LATER I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT the. . . YEAH THE REST OF THE BUFFET WANTS TO KNOW TOO! Let's see if they have a karaoke, I can just share it with everyone!"

"Oh, what? You didn't hear the last five minutes of what I said, goose? Sorry...let's just cut this date short and go." Seriously, I had to YELL to get him to hear what I said...most of what I wanted to talk about was private.


I was most annoyed because I wanted to stuff myself of chinese food I can't have later, and enjoy my findings with the hubbs.  We even made an EARLY date to avoid these idiots.  So much for that.

All this week I have taken advantage of my last meals.  I had Mexican food, biscuits and gravy (which made me later sick!), OJ, Chinese, skittles(cuz that's my only sugar weakness), anything pork, wine...okay red wine is OKAY on my list but not during my liver cleanse and detox so it will be forever til I can imbibe!

The Chinese buffet was good enough.  I think I can replicate some of them to get my eventual cravings in order. The loud talker just really ruined all my last "Dinner date for a while" experience.

For a bit I'm probably only going to want to eat here, where I can control portions and ingredients.  It's a pretty cool thing I am part rabbit as it is and love me a good salad.  I can meet most meal requirements with my salad obsession.  Strange that is the one thing I love and partake in most of all!

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