Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 1

Yesterday, I had my appointment at the Chiropractor (lets call him the Healer) to go over my lab results and do this test called NeuroLink to see what kinda nasty junk I have going on inside me.  Of course going into this, I had no idea what he would actually be doing.  I like to say it's Voodoo because it just looks that crazy to someone standing there.  I can't even  really begin to explain the test but I did find it very fascinating!  You know, a normal person would have said "What is that? What are you doing to me?" I totally didn't!  I was just so excited to get it done so I could see what gross stuff is inside me!

Once the test was over, we went over my labs from the other day and his findings during this test.  My labs looked pretty good.  I was low on Vitamin B, which the Healer thought strange knowing I eat greens all the time.  He told me he didn't want me to freak out a couple of times, and I was just so fascinated with it that I didn't even think about it.  He explained to me  that "Imagine the brain is your hardware, and everything else in your body is software.  You can't fix the software if there's a virus in the hardware, right?"  He then went on to tell me I have a virus in my cranial nerves (and that this is no surprise because most everyone has some kind of virus strain in the brain), that needs fixing.  I also have another virus in my liver, pancreas, bone marrow, lymphatics, and the beta cells.  It's fascinating he found all this with his voodoo test.  Of course I have some bacteria in my body and a fungus in my lungs.  The fungus was no big shocker, given my lung disease and my overall health.

He put me on some home made homeopathic remedies that he brewed up himself for the viruses .  It's not some over the counter generic medicine.  They are remedies catered to me, and what my body needs!  He will change up the potency each week as my body improves.  I LOVE THAT.  To kill the bacteria, I was given an herbal supplement. It tastes awful.  It has tea tree oil in it so, gag.   I just deal with it.   For my lungs, he put me on ACS (advanced cellular silver) to nebulize in my breathing machine along with taking it orally.  I'm really glad he's making me take the ACS. It's like a one-two punch to my lungs, since that was my original reason to see the doctor.  I spent a lot of time on their FAQ sheet, and I approve this silver.  I am also doing a liver cleanse for phase 1 which consists of some powder like drink mix twice a day.  I chose the berry flavor.  The ALL NATURAL ingredients list on it is insane.  I know I'm getting my fill of vitamins and minerals.  On top of that I'm taking a special Vitamin B since I don't seem to digest folate well, or something  I don't think I'm wording that right.  Everyone knew I was defective, this proves it.  I need the L-5 MTHF type, apparently.  Like I said...greens on the daily.  I shouldn't have this issue, but I do. HMM.  And lastly, I'm taking Vitamin D three times a day, which I'm glad but I would rather just be outside all day and it be summer always.

It's a lot to remember so of course I had to make myself a chart! I have it on the wall in a clear sleeve, too.  I have to take everything 2, 3, and 4 times a day because it's hard to keep up which is which!  I have 7 supplements, the ACS I am taking two different! Whoa.

I got up this morning and started my day one!  It's been a lazy day, since it's the weekend so I don't know if I am just tired because of the lazy day or if that stuff made me sleepy.  I mean, I never take naps and this morning after taking my first dose I sat on the couch watching Modern Marvels, and while it was fascinating and I sat through two, I ended up just falling asleep.  Like I said, not sure it's related.  Guess we will see tomorrow!  Other than that, there's no changes yet.  Okay fine, it's a little early to tell!

Be back with an update and next Healer appointments findings. Stand By, I know you're on the edge of your seat!

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  1. I think you should call him "the real doctor" or "the healer".

    YAY for homeopathics! YAY for silver! YAY for true health!