Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Starting a new path!

WHOA, how long has it been since I have written?!? A long, long time.  My three followers were probably going into shock waiting. I apologize.  We have moved and settled into our new house and I have enjoyed every second of it.  I have been extremely busy regardless of not working anymore and it seems like we have had company almost every weekend.  This really threw me off my good-eatin' train big time.  I completely derailed once we got here. *slaps self*  It was all fine and dandy until mid-summer.  I was walking until it was too hot for the dog to go with me, and we were in the hotel most of the summer so I didn't want to leave her in the room.  The swimming in the pool helped a lot, but still I stopped working out altogether. I am ashamed. *hangs head*

Right now, I am just shocked at how I let things go and frankly embarrassed that I threw all my health by the wayside post-move.  I got so busy planning, packing, unpacking, organizing, enjoying shopping, trying new restaurants, and all the other stuff that wasn't real food/work out related that the next thing I knew, I wasn't happy with myself.  So many excuses, and there's no apology to myself big enough for it.

In late October, I met with my new Chiropractor and let me tell you, I was chomping at the bit for the holidays to be over so I could go back to him and start his Wellness Program.  When I say that, I mean I literally went home and ordered the "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" book that he follows with his program.  I am 99.6% sure my blood type so I studied that list inside and out!  I am planning to document weekly how I am doing with this program, so cross your fingers I remember to do it!  I am curious how things change and I feel documenting them in the blog will just help me see where I was vs. where I am in the end.  I probably won't post all my measurements and personal stuff because NOT YER BIDNASS!  Maybe I will after I feel better.

Enough of the back story.  Today, I went in for my first meeting with the chiro.  I learned what I will be doing as far as HIS wellness program goes.  When I go back, I will go in detail over that.  But for now, the most important parts are 1. sleep 2. hydrate with purified water 3. exercise 4. get your Vitamin D levels up REAL FOOD.  Luckily I am slightly ahead of that and it won't be as taxing on me as some other people.  I already know what food/exercise is required of me. I know I should be hydrating more than I am and have been working on it.  For the most part I get enough sleep, but I need to turn it around as in "go to sleep sooner/wake earlier"  Sleeping at 1230am to 8am isn't really ideal for me because I still have to force myself to get up at 735am at my alarm and still lay there til 8am.  For shame. I know some of you are thinking, "what a lush, sleeping in til 735! That jerk!" Hey, it's better than sleeping til 11am...just sayin' is all.  I need to slap myself around and tell myself "workouts at 830am!".  Unless its walking outside,  then I want it to be mid day and hot! I'm back into my workout videos, so that's also a step ahead.

I also got the basic panel done so that the chiro can contour the wellness program for me.  Funny thing, most nurses can't find my blood veins and end up murdering my arm before they get any blood.  I warned the nurse of this, so she spent more time investigating my teeny tiny deep in the tissue veins before saying "I'm not going to try to poke you 100 times, let me get the vein whisperer."  She went to get another nurse who also spent a few minutes looking for the best place and got my blood on the first stick.  NICE!  Three vials of blood and some stolen urine later, I was finished with my end.   However, tonight I have this great blood blister from where the BANDAGE came off.  Huh?  The needle hole is red, but then there's this giant blood blister next  to it.  STRANGE.  Anyway, they tested for a variety of things that will be discussed next appointment.

With that, you are caught up on my current health crap.  :D I hope to get back into the blogging along with the other things I just gave up on.  I think it helps that we got the PC working again, 6 months later!

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