Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 35

It's been 35 days since I've had cheese.  It's been 35 days since I had any type of pig.  To say my junk food cravings are gone is a joke.  In fact this week was the worst week I've had in the "I need a son of baconator!  No! I need some super gross Taco Bell nachos and a quesadilla!  No wait! I got it, queso...melty gooey cheesy cheese dip from any mexican joint.  I will have you know, I almost failed myself twice this week.  Once, I took Goose to the airport for one of his work trips, and I thought "ooh breakfast, I can get some and no one will know..."  I almost stopped twice.  Almost.  Then I found myself driving right past it all and the next thing I knew I was in my driveway.  The next time, I was at Dierbergs, and I picked up a sammich with extra cheese and put it in my cart.  I felt so guilty that I didn't even make it out of the aisle before putting it all back.

I did find a 98% safe remedy for chips and salsa.  Expensive salsa made without weird junk, (and why should it have weird junk in it?) and Beanitos chips.  Granted, that's still a "rare treat" because beans.  But it's better than tortilla chips which I cannot have...because corn.  You can bet your bippy when tomato season comes back, I will be making salsa for myself.  Also hummus is a good alternative, with some broccoli and carrots.  The other day, Goose told me he liked raw carrots better than cooked.  I pondered it for half a second and said "I am an equal opportunist carrot consumer.  I love them any way I can eat them."   It's been a busy day and I've not had much other than an apple and a little bit of turkey stir fry from my leftovers container.  Can you tell?

I didn't write this on Friday because I came home from the doc with my Adrenal Stress Test to do, and wanted to include that.  So here's my update from Friday:  Things are going super swell, and I don't need to come back for another two weeks since we are out of the crucial stage.  That said, Healer did the DNA damage testing on me and I have brain damage!!! Whee!   Well, no for real...due to the viruses hanging out in my brains, the DNA is damaged in there.  Also some DNA damage in my lungs, DUH and my gallbladder, and another organ I have since forgotten.  Just like when he reset my dopamine levels and voodoo'd my intestines, he did the same thing.  Okay, they call it integrating, but thanks to Goose that just sounds all Math-y to me.  But that's what he did to all my DNA damage.  He reset it with his magical Healer powers.  I have to believe it now, he's proven me otherwise several times with this "reset button".
At least I don't need resetting every 108 minutes.
I am to continue taking all the things until next time.  I did run out of the ACS silver, but since my lung fungus is gone I don't need it unless I chose to have it as a maintenance dosage.  Since my Tri-guard has silver in it already, I opted out of it this time.  My liver cleanse drink, Protoclear, will be gone I think by Friday and that's it with my liver cleanse.  Healer sent me home with a mega strong probiotic, in fact it's so strong I only have to take one pill a month.  Every seven days it regenerates all its probiotic friends to do their magic to my flora in my gut and its one less thing a day I have to deal with.  I talked to him about my oil pulling concerns, since coconut is a no-no for my blood type (I'm still dubious on that, since coconut is everyone's best friend, but that's for another day).  Since I'm already taking the zeolite, right now oil pulling isn't a concern for me.  Otherwise, I can use sesame oil as I suspected.  But because I want to get on top of my tooth game, I took home curcumin because its the best ever and that's all that matters.  Hahah! No no, I kid.  That's for another post.  All that is important now, is that its AMAZING for the body, and swishing with it in your mouth kills all that nasty bacteria you wanna get rid of.

Onto the Adrenal Stress Test.  It's pretty easy, you wake up and follow the directions.  Four times a day you must wear a cotton ball in your mouth til is soaked and place it lovingly in a vial marked "morning, noon, afternoon, midnight" respectively.  For the noon test though I had to do a carb simulation test and eat 75 grams of carbs an hour before drooling on the cotton.  They have a list so that's helpful and I chose the highest carb items because well I didn't want to be eating all day.

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  1. 108 second rest button may be takin you island to island and not even know you're on a different island.
    OK so your dna is unique, didn't you know that. You are a one of kind & special!