Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 7

Well, here I am back again to report how my first week of phase 1 went!  If you're missing out, I suggest you start at the beginning by reading here, here, and here to catch up.

Week one went as well as can be expected.  I actually wrote out day 1's post and had to go back in later and edit it because I was SO TIRED when I wrote it out.  I noticed a couple days later I left out about half of the information.  So, day 1 I was extremely sleepy all day.  I didn't know if that was coincidence or not, because how could I be so tired that fast? Beats me! I took a nap that day, I never nap.  The next day was a lazy Sunday and the next thing I know, I am taking another nap!  5 out of the 7 days I took a nap and the other two I was in bed BEFORE 9pm.  So I would say, that the sleepiness was in fact related to the toxins moving out of my body, or the meds kicking in and attacking them.

I had another strange reaction, that I didn't know was related until my appointment today.  Tuesday, I thought I was fine and Goose came home and casually mentioned he had taken care of something without me that, normally I wouldn't even get frustrated about.  Instead, I burst into tears and my feelz were so hurt that you would have thought someone had attacked me and left my leg broken in 4 places.  Yes, I have a hairline trigger for tears as it is, but I was VERY upset and I didn't know why.  I blamed it on that fun time of the month when girls get really irritated, got over it and moved on.  Except the next night, I got very angry about how I was making the bed back after washing the sheets.  I mean, making the bed isn't a big deal.  Why was I so uptight about it? I got so angry that Goose started teasing me about it (again somethingdI'd just laugh off), unbeknownst to both of us what would happen next.  I then burst into tears.  Not just normal tears; hysterical wailing tears as if someone died, tears.  I was a mess and ended up crying myself to sleep only to wake up the next morning STILL upset and cried some more, stared out the window, cried some more and then stared out the window some more until I realized I was better.  There was no real trigger as to why I freaked out, I just did.  I am positive I was a pure nightmare for Goose who had no idea why I was being so weird.  I'M SORRY I WAS SUCH A WHACKO, GOOSE! I still heart you!  I should have known it was because of this cleanse, but this was a part I did not expect.  So after crying basically 3 days straight, today's appointment couldn't come soon enough so I could ask.  My puffy eyes and leaky ducts needed a break.
It's not a good look for anybody, really.
I went in to the Healer's office and he asked how I was doing this week and the first thing out of my mouth was "Um, well I was sleepy lots, but I also was hysterically crying for 3 days and I don't know why.  Is that part of this? Because WHOA."  He said, "For some people, they will have an emotional response along with everything else.  You're fine.  This means you're probably improving, lets check you out."  I sighed a big PHEW and hoped this crying crap will be over soon.  He tested me again with the NeuroLink test and checked my current problems' levels.  One of the viruses had gone down quite a bit, meaning last week the virus was deeply rooted inside my DNA and just over the course of a week I was able to pull it out from inside the DNA and now its sitting superficially on top of it.  I still have more work to do to pull it from my system altogether so he readjusted my dosage on the homeopathic remedy he had whipped up for me last week.  He explained the numbers were a major change.  Last week I was at 96MM (BAD) and this week I was at 76M (much better, but not out of the woods).  He wanted to focus on this virus because it was the stronger of the two I have going on.  He also told me that the fungus was in less spots, so that is also improving as well!  (Let's give a big high five to ACS Silver!  *high fives* Keep attacking the junk in my lungs, ACS!)  He then went on to check out my head, and the neurotransmitters and found that my dopamine levels were all out of whack so with his Voodoo, he reset my levels and hopefully I won't be a sobbing psycho about every little thing that happens.

I am right on track for what he expects of me.  My med intakes stay the same, so still the crazy 2, 3, and 4 times a day on everything.  I can't say I have noticed anything significant going on in my lungs because I am just so used to it, it's hard to gauge if there's any change.  I'm used to coughing, I'm used to being stopped up, I'm just used to it.  I have lived all my life with it, so I don't even notice most times when I cough.  So I can't make heads or tails if it's working, or if I feel different because to me, it's all the same.  Not much else has changed on my end, I couldn't really work out this week on account of all the sleeping I've been doing, or how lethargic I was during the day.  I should be able to jump right back into that next week with no trouble.  Hopefully my energy levels will start to spike!  I'm pumped for week two and to see what weird stuff happens to me this week!
Maybe THIS will happen next? GIMME ALL YER MONEY!

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