Monday, February 11, 2013

Food Babe's investigation article.

Two posts in one day!?! *checks for fever*

This came across my newsfeed on FB, and I just need to pass along the info.  This is precisely why we stopped shopping processed foods.  This is exactly why we CHOOSE to buy local, organic, pesticide-free.  This is why, after almost two months of straight REAL eating, anything else gives us stomach aches.  We aren't used to the toxins in "food".  Why are we allowing these toxins, banned in SO MANY countries, but not here?  Why do we have to allow it in our family? We don't. You shouldn't have to either.

Why people don't shop organic and local is beyond me.  It costs too much?  If you stop buying the processed foods, guess what? You have that money leftover for real food.  The cost of organic, the cost of local, the cost of grass-fed meat evens itself out.  I live on a shoestring budget, and we buy 90% organic, local, fresh foods each week.  Sure there's things that cost more, but in the long run, its going to help you.  In the long run, you won't be spending money on medical bills, prescriptions, or weight loss aides.  Shop the perimeter or the store.  Read labels.  Figure out "code names" they use to hide the junk.  Be smart.  Read this article.  Soak it in.  Take control of your food.  Don't throw in the towel and say, "well it's next to impossible to avoid all those things in our food, so why bother?".   If just one person changed their habits, and got excited about it and convinced one more person to do the same...what a nice health pandemic we would have on our hands.

Thank you, interwebs for being available for us to gain knowledge, and be smarter about ourselves.

Food companies exploit Americans with ingredients banned in other countries    By Vani Hari

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