Friday, February 8, 2013

Gotta hold myself accountable!

Day 1 done...whoa all over again. 

Well after almost a year of not working out (please hold while I punch myself in the face for admitting that....okay done!) for MANY reasons excuses, I have gotten back on the workout train and taken off.  What a dumb metaphor.   Anyway, I can sit here and give you a long list of reasons why I didn't work out...but I will summarize with a few key points which all boil down to laziness if I want to be honest with myself.  And, lets face it ... with this title, I better just be honest.  I started out the year with some injuries, one involved my falling down the stairs that stopped me from working out, and I just got it all up in my brain  that if I went a week or two and didn't stick to schedule, that I had ruined all my work and should start over...which was dumb.  Goose was gone for 7 months (minus the weekends) and I to mention would have rather had TV dinners instead of making something for just me...STUPID!)  My TV broke, my PC started wearing down and becoming unreliable, my fitbit broke, worked again, then broke. Then my hard drive failed completely, the one I had ALL my workouts backed up on, including old photos and music, etc.  Blah. Blah. Blah.  All excuses if I look at it truthfully.  Except for the hard drive, that just happened.  But it was a week of tears and sap until I realized intelligent me had backed up my photos and music elsewhere....just  the videos were gone.  I suppose the last excuse was I needed to get my eating right squared away and get through the 30 day paleo challenge first.  Done, now what? GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BRI!

I tried out a few different workouts, including a couple at-home crossfit workouts which I thought, "Oh that will be cool!" until there was a day I needed some kind of equipment that I didn't have and I would get discouraged and quit.  I tried some other HIIT workouts, didn't love em.  Enough with the cop-outs.  My pal Dustbuster who is a little bit of a computer nerd was able to recover my workouts from the dead hard drive....I swear most of my technology is like lazarus and rises from the ipod, my fitbit for a while, this hard drive...anyway, after some scheming and figuring things out and long story short I have three of my favorites available to me again.

This week I sat down and wrote out the next four months of workouts.  I find for myself, if I don't write them down I won't do it.  Also, if I don't wake up and get dressed to workout (aka the tiny humans and parents are gonna see me in workout pants/shorts/tanks/ hoodies/tennis shoes for the remainder of their time here) then I make excuses not to do it.  No more cute boots and tops at work!  Sorry parents!  I also don't feel like working out after work unless it involves a walk which right now is just a bit chilly.  So, every day when these kids lay down its BRI time.  No excuses.  No cop-outs.  No whining.  I also think by blogging about it weekly will also keep me accountable, because if I don't work out I have nothing to report and therefore you all know I failed.  I WILL NOT FAIL YOU, FOUR READERS!

With that said, week one was shorter than its supposed to be, but its in the bag.

Week one:
Since I already rambled about me sucking at my motivation and working out, I'll try to be more detailed next week, especially with the various workouts I'm doing.
Tuesday: I Started off with an unfamiliar HIIT workout on youtube and a crossfit since my videos weren't in my possession yet.  I hated it.  I did it, but I hated it.  The video had NO MUSIC!  How are you supposed to feel pumped up when its silence and a hypnotic voice telling you the next move? *rolls eyes*  ... I got Wednesday: TurboFire and Chalean Extreme back and it couldn't be soon enough.  (Lets shorten those...they will heretofore be known as TF and CLX ... okay maybe I just really wanted to say heretofore.)   I started out with Fire 30 and was winded before it was over.  I didn't stop though, but I slapped myself around a bit for letting myself get so lazy and out of shape that one of the easier workouts was so hard.  CLX was a different story, I didn't notice I was working myself hard, til that night.  OW.   My back and shoulders and biceps were on fire. YAY!
Thursday: I didn't let my soreness get the best of me and what do you know, I busted out the Fire 60 like nobody's business.  I was happy to remember most of the moves about 4 seconds before they started.  It was a rest day for CLX, but I still did the 10 min ab burner workout *glares*.   Those kids were extra heavy today.  I totally took an Epsom salt bath that night, because I deserved it!
Friday: Today was Fire 30 again and this time it wasn't so bad! CLX was more pumping iron, real shaky legs for the legwork. Core was a nightmare, I had to take a couple breaks.  Lots of shaky muscles today!  I also did the Stretch 40 (yoga) and I am telling you that is a T-R-E-A-T.  It's a nice to end the week after my first week back in full swing.  You know who else likes yoga? Shyann Belle.  Especially the last three minutes where we just lay in the floor doing nothing.  She just comes on down and plops right on my belly to make sure I'm really laying down.  Such a good helper!

I have big plans to do the Stretch 40 on Saturdays....that's my 6th day, and I usually only work 5 days a week M-F, but I know I need the stretch.  Big PLANS.  Getting the 5 days done is a big enough achievement right now, and Saturdays are usually busy  food shopping and prepping, and errand running.  Sure I can get it in if I hold myself accountable!

Workout Programs:

Week 1:
Fire 30
Fire 60
Fire 30, Core & Stretch 40

Chalean Extreme
Burn Phase (month 1):  Burn Circuits 1, 2, & 3
Burn intervals
Ab Burner
Burn it off

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