Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 14

My growing supplement stack.  Pool sign not included.

Big jumps today, says the Healer! WHEE!  This week was completely different from last week.  I had energy, enough that I actually worked out EVERY day this week instead of being lethargic and stuck on the couch last week, sobbing over every single thing.  I didn't go crazy, like I suspected.  I just felt back to seemingly normal.  I had a belly ache last night, but emotionally...nothing like last week.

I went into today with my Lung Folder to show him my findings.  He was not the least bit surprised.  It really validated what I am doing is right for me.  He explained that the docs needed to associate a name with what's going on with me.  I am starting to wonder if I even have Bronchiectasis....let's wait and see.

He went on to retest me, and he was SO happy that my virus is now out of the DNA and on its way out of my body.  This is a big deal!  The sooner I can rid the virus from my body the sooner I can detox.  The fungus is now only located in my lower lungs,which makes sense because of my x-rays that is the main concentration of my illness .  I had noted that the last couple of days, I am coughing more dry coughs (that's a normal cough to most everyone) than I usually do.  Normally for me, when I am dry coughing it's SO rare that it is painful for my throat.  Not to say, I'm having less "normal Bri coughs" ...just more "normal human being coughs".  So let's hope that this fungus GETS OUTTA MY LUNGS!  The bacteria I had is gone. GONE I SAY! Whee! So I am right on track still.  He did find a bit of a virus in my gut which was probably my gut issues last night.

Did I say the bacteria is GONE?!?!  In two weeks, I've healed myself of the bacteria, and the other stuff is working its way out.  Why have I not done this sooner?  Why is this "alternative medicine" now and not "normal medicine"?  Why isn't this a normal practice anymore?  Why are people so swayed by the Western Medicine practices?  Why take the quick fix that only allows more problems to arise?  Chemo? No, I'll never.  Especially not now.  Sorry, but I'm taking this route forever.  Western Medicine can suck it.

I could tell the Healer was checking my dopamine levels to see if I was off balance.  Side note, a couple days ago I dared to read an article about a poor dog that is probably going to die from a tumor, and I only got misty eyed and did not bawl.  Anything dog related, if a dog is hurting, I usually cannot read or watch or see photos because I have such a reaction to them.  Maybe because I knew there was a good ending to the story...maybe it was because my dopamine levels were fixed.  I still got mildly (but normally) emotional, but it was so minute on the scale of last week I can't even count it.  Anyway, the Healer was checking my levels and I KNEW I passed that test! I didn't even study for it!

He added two more supplements to my routine, and I had to make out a new chart.  I am taking all the things, plus a probiotic and some blended essential fatty acids.  It's probably good for me because I don't eat enough sea food as I should.  I can't wait to see what next week has in store for me!

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  1. There Was Time When man was all natural. Natural foods, even natural drugs by plants. Society has become so dependant on self made & proud of it. The resources to live well have always been made for us on this planet. The need for big pharma to say they have every kind of cure is money & ego driven. The FDA blocks much of our natural meds because of pharmaceutical influence & control.