Friday, February 7, 2014

lookit this discovery!

You guys, I just found something that blew my mind.  Remember me saying there is a fungus in my lungs and the Healer is treating it with ACS Silver?  Remember how the post I made just a few hours ago said the fungus was healing and in less places?  Well, I was perusing through our file cabinet looking for additional tax info for our appointment tomorrow, when I came across my old lung files.  I have a copy of them because someone might need to know.  I thought, "oh cool I should take this with me next week to show him, he may want copies."  I decided to leaf through it just for fun when I came across this page here:

I hi-lighted the most important part of the page.  I'm so helpful!

My jaw dropped so far down I thought it was going to go through the floor into the main floor.  So, they thought I possibly had a fungal infection back in 1998?  I'll have you know, that the Healer only knew that I have Bronchiectasis and nothing else.  Because to my knowledge that was all I knew as well.  The fact that I have this paper from 1998 with the fungal infection as one of the possible reasons for my lung issues, and the fact that was the first thing he found in my lungs down to the type of fungus, well it just amazes me.  Makes it pretty clear to me he knows what he's doing, and the tests he's doing on me are more than just Voodoo!  I don't think I need much more concrete proof to trust this guy.  He is going to FIX ME!!!  AMAZING find.  I can't wait to take this in and show him!

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