Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 28

I'm still working on my health...told you this wouldn't be a quick fix.  Good news to report, all the pathogens/viruses/bacteria detected in Day 1's test is cleared from my body!  Now to focus on Phase II of this detox.  Everything was gone last week except for the virus, and that's finally gone.  Good.  Get outta here!  I didn't want you in my brains anyway!

Today I did the NeuroLink testing for toxins and metals in my body, and boy do I have some doozies!  No surprise here, considering the country we live in, and its love for crap food.  Last week he had sent me home with some Zeolite(ACZ) to draw out the heavy metals I have in my system.  Those include: PCB's, fluoride, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead, and *drumroll* pesticides!  Thanks SAD.  You've really done your job at attempting to ruin my life.  Sucks for you, I'm fighting back!

I've been dealing with some intestinal issues that I'm not sure I really want to get into detail over on a blog, but it's an issue that Healer is working on with me.  Last week I brought it up to him, and I got some decent results this week.  It's still not functioning normally like it should be because of some chemical imbalances but...hey, did you know your intestines have these valves called "The Valve of Houston" and the "Ileocecal Valve"?  I would like to quote the Goose when I first mentioned that these valves are out of whack "Houston, we have a problem."  Hahah!  So today, the Healer adjusted me (it was GLORIOUS) stating that my L5 was out of alignment, and that actually effects the intestines position so this should also help.

I've been a wee bit run down this week, or it's lack of motivation maybe.  I wasn't sure but I made sure to tell the Healer anyway because I didn't want to have any emotional issues again because that first week was so awful!  I also wondered if it had something to do with adding the ACZ and the ACG (Glutothione) to my routine as well.  New helpers to attack the bad guys, maybe I reacted by being tired-ish.  Anyway I let him know, I didn't feel I was remotely where I thought I should be as far as the weight loss slump I'm in.  I told the Healer, I was realistic that it wouldn't just start dropping during Phase I because my liver had to straighten itself out, but given that I've been incredibly strict on my diet (not a single cheat day like we used to) I would have expected to see SOMETHING change.  Healer told me "this tells me then that the Adrenals and Thyroid are most likely really off balance and we need to work on getting those fixed."  Of course, I am also aware that my intestines need to get fixed too and I should start seeing results.  But c'mon, I'm a month into this now and I just thought I would see SOME change.  I'm being patient, because as I pointed out there's still toxins/metals in me that need to GO AWAY.

Only because they didn't have one in stock in the office, did I not go home with a super cool Adrenal test kit.  So next week I will be taking a test kit home to send off my spit to some lab who will tell the Healer what's up with my Adrenal Glands.  Next week will also be fun because he wants to test how badly my DNA has been damaged and work on reversing said damage.  I'm gonna guess lots, thanks virus!

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