Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 21!

Well I made great strides!  I am officially now in Phase II but let me start from the beginning.

Today's appointment was seemingly normal, with the regular NeuroLink checkup.  This week however, the Healer says my virus is completely superficial and nearly gone.  Also, the fungus in my lungs appears to be CLEAR!  Wha?  I just thought I felt the same all week.  I didn't feel any different from last week, but apparently the medicine is doing its job!  I never thought it would be clear so soon.  Since the fungus is out of my lungs, I can stop the Silver as a breathing treatment and continue with it orally as normal.  I can't say I feel different, like I said.  So I am still slightly skeptical.  But as I said last week, I am noticing more dry coughs than I'm used to.  So it's something.  I don't expect to be completely cleared up in a snap though.  

So, to recap: No more bacteria, no more fungus, and practically no more virus!   This isn't to say that when these pathogens leave my body we might find more.  It's very possible.  But at this point the ones I am treating are getting out of here!  I am having some issues in my intestines (remember how he picked up a little virus last week) that he did his fun Voodoo on, so we shall see if that fixes itself.

Since things are going so well, the Healer started me on the detox portion.  This includes two more sprays to take: ACG which is Glutathione.  Its the natural antioxidant in your body that's been utterly depleted thanks to the modern living and crap we put in our bodies.  It gets so overworked that it kinda gives up in your system.  So I am now taking that 4 times a day.  One time a day I am going to try to nebulize it to get it into my lungs, so long as I don't have a weird reaction.  We shall see!  The other spray I am taking is ACZ, Zeolite.  It will bind to all the heavy metals in my body and pull them out through the urine.  I am curious to see if this changes my body like when I first started on these medications.

Now I am taking 10 different things 2, 3, and 4 times a day! WHEE!  No time to do much else but take these fun things!

The outside air has been beautiful this week, I was loving the walks I could take.  Well, except for the fact that I'm not used to all these hills and my hip sockets were mad at me the next day!  NO MOAR COLD!

Movin' on up!

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait for you to feel better. It just took time, school, a good job & insurance benefits. A few prayers from some folks that love you.